The best-selling American novel of the 19th century, updated for contemporary audiences by New York Times best-selling author Carol Wallace – great-great-granddaughter of original author General Lew Wallace

Young Judah Ben-Hur is a wealthy Jewish prince prince and boyhood friend of the Roman soldier Messala. But as Roman occupation of Jerusalem turns brutal, Ben-Hur is betrayed. His beloved mother and sister are imprisoned, his palace is shuttered, and he is sentenced to pull an oar in a Roman galley.

–Will he ever get revenge?

–Will his family ever be freed?

–And what does Jesus of Nazareth have to do with Ben-Hur’s goals?

Ben-Hur made history for the way it combined a reverent portrait of Jesus with sequences of action, emotion and suspense that have enthralled millions of readers. Now its formal old-fashioned prose has been brought up to date in a riveting new version that accompanies the release of the magnificent 2016 film starring Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, and Morgan Freeman.

Each edition includes a full-color section of production and film photographs and a mini-biography of the original author, Civil War general Lew Wallace.


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