The much –loved classic, inspiration for the world-famous 1959 movie, is retold in lively contemporary language by Carol Wallace, the author’s great-great-granddaughter, to accompany the release of a stunning new film production

In the 1880s, General Lew Wallace’s Ben-Hur became a best-seller across America as audiences thrilled to the saga of the Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur. The hero’s struggle against Roman oppression – as embodied by his old friend Messala — plays out against the life of the revolutionary spiritual leader Jesus. Millions of readers worldwide have cherished this classic for its robust adventure and sincerity.

Now Wallace’s rousing tale is updated for contemporary audiences. The new edition includes:

–production and movie photos

–the inspiring story of Lew Wallace’s life as an author

The epic novel, spanning about 12 years of Ben-Hur’s life, will be relished not only by fans of Christian fiction, but any reader who craves historical accounts of high adventure, action, and drama.” –Publishers Weekly